1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Restomod

Well the title is a bit of a mouthful, but it's the simpliest title I can come up with at this point.  On this website you'll see the transformation of my 1966 Mustang into a Shelby GT500 behemoth.  All of course as secretly as possible. I'll be adding some more information here as to what actual parts I used, but until then enjoy the other pages.  I can tell you one thing it's alot of work to shove a 2008 Shelby GT500 engine into a 1966 body. 

BTW, this picture is what my mustang originally looked like.

Current State

Here's a picture of the current state of my mustang.  I just got my car back from Barillaro Speed where they modified the heck of the hood and valance to get everything to fit.  Basically we took some styling cues from both a 1965 Shelby R and a 1968 Shelby and ran with it.  It just seems right to wrap that GT500 motor in fitting sheet metal.

Well next on the list is start at the rear of the car and work forward for final fitment.

Kinetic Energy at it's finest...

Well I finally put the heat exchanger and intake back on the car to get it ready to go back to Jim and Mike's shop to have some sheet metal work done.  So I decided to crank it up to make sure everything was working.  Well this is what happens when you drop the clutch at idle--->

That's right, squealing tires and the stupid thing just kept on going without choking out the engine.  That's some serious sweet kinetic energy going on in the engine to do that.

Yah, I drive a stick like a uncoordinated dodo bird without any seats and sitting on the floor.  You should of seen me trying to drive the car onto a trailer today.  Wet tires, 8 feet of aluminum diamond plate, and uphill to boot just don't mix together real well.  Ah, just like high-school all over again.  PS, anyone that has ever driven a stick knows what I'm talking about. 

She's ALIVE!!! ALIVE I TELL you!!

Yup, finally got it cranked on 2-9-11.   It's all downhill from here.  Check it out heret:
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